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“We would like to thank our podcast sponsors who make these free podcasts possible.”

The Red Hot Mama Lynn Ward, The Red Hot Mama and Life Coach, offers programs to help rock you out of the shock of mid-life and into having the time of your life!


For more information go to .

Coach Yak is a forum for people who are interested in their own personal growth and working with other people to promote their coaching and leadership skills. Check out Ben Abba is a modern day Plato with an important story to tell. The story of a real man, living among us, who has seen nearly 2,800 years of history through his own eyes. Ben Abba is summarizing his research and findings on the topic of achieving immortality on his main blog: or listen to Ben Abba's podcast on the yaktivate channel

Natural Health

Dr. Christine HornerDo you know you have the power and ability to influence your state of health more than you ever imagined? Well, you do…. Your choices every day significantly influence your chances of staying healthy, or developing a disease, such as cancer. The problem is that most of us don’t know precisely what we should do–or avoid—to create and maintain radiant health. My passion is teaching the keys to extraordinary health.

To learn more Go to my web site And download my weekly podcast: Natural Health Yak at


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