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Dr. Christine Horner

Welcome to Natural Health Yak with your host Dr. Christine Horner, a surgeon, author, and professional speaker. She holds two board certifications: the National Board of Surgery, and the National Board of Plastic Surgery. Visit Dr. Horner's website to learn more about her

Dr. Horner's guest today is Alicia Sirkin, BFRP.

Alicia Sirkin’s personal quest to prevent disease and lead a joyful life led her to this system of diluted wildflowers created by physician Edward Bach to get to the heart of illness.

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Ease Through Difficult Times with Bach Flower Remedies

During these difficult times of economic uncertainty and global unrest, the 38 odorless Bach® Flower Remedy liquids are an effective way to replace unwanted thoughts and feelings like hopelessness, indecision and fear with inner strength, resolution and courage. Alicia Sirkin’s personal quest to prevent disease and lead a joyful life led her to this system of diluted wildflowers created by physician Edward Bach to get to the heart of illness: the underlying anxiety and stress that can destroy inner peace and harmony. Remedies can enhance your ability to cope and adapt to difficult situations in an effective way. Free from side effects, Bach Remedies integrate with medical and non-medical treatments, drugs and therapies. Learn why combining remedies can make a significant improvement in your life. Alicia will share her knowledge, insights and case studies.

About Alicia Sirkin, BFRP

Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner

Founder, The Sirkin Creative Living Center, LLC

Alicia Sirkin, Director of The Sirkin Creative Living Center, is a leading authority, speaker, media expert, researcher and internationally published author in the field of Bach® Flower Remedies. A flower remedy advocate for 24 years, Sirkin is dedicated to helping others discover the value of the remedies in their daily lives.

Her co-authored and published scientific research study on the effectiveness of Bach® Flower Rescue® Remedy for high situational anxiety paved the way for CEU approval for her programs in integrative medical and university settings.

Sirkin is co-author of the globally recognized Bach® Flower Remedies Quick Reference Guide and is published in books, magazines and the Journal of Complementary Health Practice Review.

A personal experience as caregiver for a family member with cancer inspired Sirkin to write her new book, A Cancer Patient’s Guide to a Positive Outlook: Bach Flower Remedies. Her book helps patients learn to use flower remedies to restore positive states of mind without side effects or interfering with treatments or drugs.

Practitioner Sidebar

Alicia Sirkin, founder and director of The Sirkin Creative Living Center, LLC, offers private consultations, programs on Bach® Flower Remedies to consumers and medical groups, and serves as a media expert. For private consultations, speaker opportunities, or media interviews, contact Alicia at 888-875-6753 or by email: Website:

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