How the study of Motion can serve as therapy.

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Dr. Christine Horner

Welcome to Natural Health Yak with your host Dr. Christine Horner, a surgeon, author, and professional speaker. She holds two board certifications: the National Board of Surgery, and the National Board of Plastic Surgery. Visit Dr. Horner's website to learn more about her

Dr. Horner's guest today is Fanchon Shur, nationally prominent artist and healer.

How the study of Motion can serve as therapy, as spirituality, as emotional and physical fitness and creative freedom.

Fanchon Shur

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Fanchon speaks about a variety of subjects, including: · Her interfaith choreography using Muslim/Christian/Jewish themes. · Choreography as communal ceremony. · Choreography reclaiming our ethnic roots with new kinds of fruits. · Block parties in neighborhoods – a choreographic way to bring together our neighbors. · Aging and the dance "Primordial Round". · Movement as street marches for causes such as CeaseFire in the inner city. · Her program “Flight, Fight, Freeze: the Power of Instinct” that teaches children how to deal with conflict. · Archiving her 55 years of work onto DVDs. Fanchon Shur, nationally prominent artist/healer leads the participant through a magical gateway into the land of the subconscious, where the tissues and patterns of our physical bodies provide the yellow brick road leading us to our own wizard healer within. Fanchon's class must be experienced - words are powerless to convey the excitement, the expansion, the power and fruitfulness of the experience she calls "Growth in Motion.” Fanchon braids together her skills as movement scientist (Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies, C.M.A. 1983), movement therapist (International Movement Therapy Assn.), choreographer, and ceremonialist to lead groups in surprising, refreshing, and healing self-exploration through movement. Prepare to set aside your familiar concepts of yourself and experience something altogether new. We are fortunate having Fanchon Shur here in Cincinnati, where she has resided since 1974 with her composer husband, Professor Bonia Shur of Hebrew Union College. Born in Chicago, raised in California, Fanchon is the mother of four grown sons. Her ceremonial ritual pieces such as "Tallit" and "Purses, Pockets, and Family Secrets," have been performed all over the country and abroad. In addition to her group ritual/performance work and regular movement classes, Fanchon gives individual movement analysis and has a private movement therapy practice.

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